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Homebirth…For Dads

Recently one of our favorite magazines on Wellness published a few articles on a much neglected perspective:  The father’s Here is a quote from the article, but you can read it in our office, or request a free copy here ” Any reservations I had about having a homebirth were erased almost from the first

Birth Dance with Brooke

Come prepare your “body/mind” for birth.  One of Brooke’s strengths as a midwife is her dance background.  Come learn about the “4 Ps of Birth” and the importance of movement in labor. Sept 22nd 3-4:30pm $25 Right outside of our office in Nature’s Whisper Garden Studio To register:

Well Woman Services and Free Pregnancy Testing

Well woman care with compassionate care providers can be transformed from a cold and clinical experience to a warm and comfortable one. We provide standard care for childbearing women including: Pap Smears/Well Woman Exams Pre-conceptual counseling Natural Family Planning Classes to Track your Fertility Lab-work Paragard IUD Insertion or Removal STI testing Breast Exams &

Postpartum Care

After the birth, since you’re already at home, you can just stay in bed, skin to skin with your baby. Ideally, you and your new baby will spend three quiet days together in bed while you wait for your milk to come in. These first three days are a time for you both to rest

Prenatal Care

Routine prenatal care is important for detecting and reducing problems, but excellent prenatal care goes further and also emphasizes nutrition, exercise, emotional, social and psychological health. Homebirth prenatal care is superior to routine prenatal care because it is individualized and the luxury of longer appointments allows for trust and personal connection between midwife and mother-to-be.

Sunshine Chrispeels, LM

Sunshine Chrispeels is a California Licensed Midwife, a mother to three boys and a grandmother of three. She has been attending births for over eight years now and has been privileged to see women give birth beautifully in all settings: home, hospital and birth center. Of course, her heart belongs to homebirth. She believes strongly

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