Sunshine Chrispeels Featured in Mothering Magazine Article – October 2008

“My Birth Tiger” by Megan Pincus Kajitani

A pregnant mom faces her worst fears in Pam England’s “Birthing from Within” class.

“I’m afraid my body isn’t strong enough,” I whispered, choking back a sob as I stared through the open door to the dancing fire on the beach. The primal thumps of warrior music pulsed into the warm house from outside. Then I stepped across the threshold into the cold coastal night.

My body had always betrayed me. From childhood asthma and allergies to teenage backaches and, oh, those fun colon spasms of my twenties. I forever envied the strong girls – the ones who could lope around the track without a single huff or puff, or scale a boulder, their muscled hands grasping granite – even the ones who could pet kittens without breaking into fits of sneezing. I never felt like one of those strong girls.

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