There’s nothing quite like that moment that you return from labor land and realize that YOU DID IT!
You feel your baby in your hands, you look down and see their little body there on your belly instead of inside of it. You fall in love instantly and completely.

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And what an honor it is to witness that miracle. In birth, a baby is born and a woman is reborn... leaving behind the previous version of herself and birthing a new one. Mother.


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“Birth is not a cerebral event; it is a visceral-holistic process which requires all of your self – body, heart, emotion, mind, spirit.” – Baraka Bethany Elihu

📷: @aliferoahphotography

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We are thrilled to offer our support group in person again!

For now group will be held outdoors at Trolley Barn Park.

Wednesday’s @ 10:30.

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Happy Labor Day from all of the Mother to Mother Midwives 💕

📷: @maggieshackelford
“No need to push a river, it already flows.”

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Repost from @instinctualbirthing

How true this is. When I began to view birth differently, I began to view everything differently. ⠀

I realized that all what I thought I had known about birth was wrong. I’m learning every day. I’m learning that statistics and scientific studies do not accurately reflect much. Not just with birth. They are often biased and heavily incentivized. Information used to manipulate thoughts and ideas. ⠀

One of my favorite quotes from Birthing From Within:⠀

“We have to prepare in our hearts so that birth can happen in our bodies. ⠀
I finally understood that women have to prepare for birth in their heart and soul not in their head. That giving birth is something a woman does in her body not in her head.” -Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz ⠀

You already know how to birth. The key is unlearning and then relearning.

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That expression... such focus... birth calls us inward... we surrender... we birth a new self right along with our babies.

“Natural birth ... raw, intense & completely worth it. Proof that when you think you can’t... you can, you will, you have to.”

📷 + quote: the amazing @devinegrace_

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To all the women who need to hear this: You may be the first person in your family or amongst your friends to choose a different path.

To take the blindfold off. To breastfeed. To not v@((inate. To home-birth, unassisted, unmedicated. To homeschool. To diligently learn physiology and nutrition. To care about your drinking water. To parent without corporal punishment. To choose a sovereign way of living. To not believe the narrative and question it all.

It can be lonely to reject the standard and seek truth. It can be really isolating when you’re “different”.

Especially if your family and friends are comprised of people who are insecure in their own decisions and lifestyle choices and they view anything different as a direct attack on themselves.

When someone takes your choices for how you raise your family and choose to live your life as a deep convoluted message about their choices- it’s got nothing to do with you.

Secure people don’t feel attacked or defensive in their own decisions. When you’re secure you don’t seek validation.

So when your aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, mothers-friends-daughter, mother-in-law, or random person ect. says, “I did _______ with my kids and they all turned out fine” as a reason why you shouldn’t do something different, remember:

If they were so sure their kids ‘turned out fine’ or they ‘did the right thing’ it would speak for itself. They wouldn’t need to justify it or explain it or try to get you to agree.

I’m doing things my own way without much regard for what the peanut gallery has to say. I won’t be raising “average” kids to be “fine”. I hope I can inspire and empower you to trust your gut and follow your heart when you know what’s best for you and your family. It’s impossible to avoid rejection and criticism but what’s worse is living to regret not doing what you knew was best for you. Don’t let insecure onlookers, unable to handle that you want to raise your kids differently from how you grew up, keep you from pursuing the life you want.

Thank you to all the women who support me🙏🏼💙#empoweredliving #birthrights #informedmama #holisticmama #naturalmama #38weekspregnant

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In labor, we may intuitively crave solitude... finding time alone in the shower or sitting on the toilet or retreating to the bedroom.⁣

Many times it is when we are alone with our magnificent bodies, connecting to our babies, doing the beautiful dance of labor that our power can really blossom. Surges get closer and longer and stronger- bringing our babies to us.⁣

Sometimes, a little privacy is just what we need for our journey in labor land...⁣

⁣📸: @rebornfromwithin

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The hormone of hugs, sex, orgasm, BIRTH, and breastfeeding.⁣

Oxytocin promotes feelings of well being and calm, can relieve stress, and reduce discomfort. It’s main function in labor is to stimulate surges (or contractions) to keep labor moving along. Oxytocin also helps to stimulate the fetal ejection reflex and signals your uterus to contract after your baby is born to minimize blood loss.⁣

Oxytocin is released during skin to skin and breastfeeding. The oxytocin released by both you and your baby promotes bonding and feelings of joy and satisfaction. ⁣

How did you protect or promote oxytocin in labor??⁣

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Birth is innately hormonal and in labor it’s important not to disturb the environment or person. ⁣

There are 5 elements that help to guard and protect both the process and the laboring person and as midwives we do our very best to honor these. ⁣

Privacy: when you feel watched or observed it can hinder oxytocin production and slow or stop labor. ⁣

Safety: when you feel comfortable and safe your body releases and regulates the hormones of birth more effectively. ⁣

Silence: those in the birthing space need to be very conscious that their presence does not interfere: limit conversation and questions. In labor, you need the freedom to make noise and act intuitively. ⁣

Darkness: keeping the space dark signals the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. The neocortex (thinking brain) is at rest and the intuitive and involuntary nature of birth takes over. ⁣

Warmth: like darkness, warmth helps to avoid adrenaline production and boost oxytocin. ⁣

Remember. We are mammals and our physiology craves these elements to birth.⁣

📷: @indiebirth
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We should have taken pause sooner.⁣
We should have listened more.⁣
We should have reflected on our own privilege.⁣
We should have acted against injustice and oppression.⁣

We're here now, in solidarity. There is no more space or time for silence and ignorance. We are committed to learning, and doing our best, and taking action against injustice. This will become a part of how we work and how we live.

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stop. listen. reflect. act. #midwivesforblacklives

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You. Are. Strong. We will remind you if you forget, we will be there to honor your power during birth, to hold space for your fear, and to witness your transformation.⁣

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Birth is so big ,
It will crack you wide open,
In birth you travel to places you cant imagine
On this day one year ago I traveled to a place I was not sure I would come back from, there the Maiden within me died, and the mother was born .
After 3 days of labor I birthed our son, At home ,
surrounded by love ,
and there we stayed in our bed ,
nurturing my self and honoring the 4th trimester . The most amazing gift ❤️ Happy birthday to my son the love of my life.
📷 + words by: @anyafreya

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@moderncrunchmom shared her birth story recently and we love the gritty and honest retelling. See comments for her beautiful birth story. ...

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So... you've started to put two and two together and are realizing that this.. is.. IT! The moment you've been waiting for. But what NOW? Some things to do in early labour, in no particular order.
👉Sleep/Rest (actually I WOULD prioritize this one) - If you can sleep, get it in. If you can't sleep, don't stress about how you can't sleep. Instead, just kick your feet up and let your body relax.
👉Eat + Drink - this is your time to get your energy stores in because you probably won't feel like eating much once things kick up a notch. Staying hydrated is super important so make a point to drink, drink, drink.
👉TENS - early labour is the perfect time for the TENS. A TENS machine is a small, portable device that sends small electrical pulses to your body. If you can, use a TENS specifically designed for birth.
👉Bath/Shower* - if your water hasn't broken, a bath or shower is a great way to let your body relax. And a relaxed relax is the first step to progress.
👉Walk x Birth Ball - if you've done the resting thing and are starting to feel ancy, get moving. Gravity is your new BFF. Stand up. Walk. Land heavily on your feet. Walk up + down your stairs. Sit on your birth ball and rotate between bouncing up + down and rolling your hips in circles and back and forth. I call this "being proactive" and every little bit helps!
👉Deep Breathing - contractions in early labour are typically short and well spaced. It's a great way to give you a little taste of what's to come so that you can nail down your coping strategies ahead of time. Even if you don't need to concentrate on your breathing during these sensations, do it anyways to find your groove. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
👉Distraction - early labour is usually loooong so find something else to focus on to help pass the time. Netflix, pack your hospital bag, organize your photos, fold baby clothes - ANYTHING but sitting there waiting for the next sensation.
👏Start cheering yourself on - this IS happening + you CAN do it!

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Quarantine has been an interesting season so far... full of newness and unknown. ⁣⁣
It’s similar to the 4th trimester.⁣⁣
We’ve all slowed down. We’re staying home. We’re discovering new things about ourselves and about being. Trusting that the hard parts won’t last forever and the challenges will bring growth and a new sense of confidence. ⁣⁣
Nurturing ourselves a little more (whatever that means for each of us)⁣⁣

Sometimes it’s in these slower, unknown times that transformation is taking place.⁣⁣
We’re adjusting, practicing a little differently than we normally do. Seeing you all less in person but doing our best to be sincerely with you and to honor the sacredness of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum - even in an uncharted time.⁣
For now, we are cultivating gratitude and hope... and curiosity for what will bloom from the seeds that are being planted now.

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It’s been really lovely to see one another and connect. A quick reminder of the magic that happens when women come together to support one another.
Hope you’ll join us if you are feeling the need for some breastfeeding support... or any kind of support 😊

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Even when the world feels strange and uncertain and maybe even a little scary. Birth continues, babies come, families are born, and midwives are there.⁣

Repost @madisungray
first weeks ⁣
breastmilk everywhere ⁣
midnight diaper changes ⁣
long naps on my chest ⁣
newborn smell ⁣
sibling cuddles ⁣
tears ⁣
laundry ⁣
slow days⁣
tons of nourishing plant food ⁣
warm showers ⁣
squishy tummy ⁣
early bedtimes ⁣
total bliss ...⁣

“Remember this, for it is as true and true gets: Your body is not a lemon. You are not a machine. The Creator is not a careless mechanic. Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.” - Ina May Gaskin ⁣
(This photo was taken the day he was born)

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The healthcare loan program is a great opportunity to get assistance covering your home birth costs. You CAN have a home birth with our professionally skilled and experienced midwives. ⁣

After your birth we help you navigate reimbursement if your insurance company covers our services!⁣

Invest in your birth!⁣
See the link in our bio for details on this healthcare loan program .

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Maureen George (aka Mo) has been the office manager at Mother to Mother Midwifery since 2015. She helps to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that our families get what they need. Including handling insurance reimbursement for you.⁣

In 2017 Maureen gave birth at home with the Mother to Mother midwives by her side. Sometimes her daughter, Emma, is in the office “helping out.”

When she’s not working hard with the midwives she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, especially at the beach. ⁣
Fun fact: Maureen loves to travel and see new places. She spent 2 years living in South Korea. ⁣

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One of the things that makes our practice so unique is that we have over FORTY years combined experience. ⁣⁣
Our midwives have spent time as doulas and nurses. We’ve worked in the hospital and birth center settings and attended thousands of homebirths, including births in other countries. Our diverse and comprehensive background means that you get a midwifery team with extensive experience and knowledge.⁣⁣
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Allison Hervey is a student midwife at Mother to Mother Midwifery. While spending time traveling and volunteering on a biodynamic farm, she realized that she kept seeing Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery book. After hearing the home birth stories of friends and fellow volunteers, she decided to read the book.⁣ She did and knew she wanted to become a midwife. ⁣
⁣What Allison loves most about midwifery is working with people and really getting to know the families that she serves. ⁣

When Allison isn’t busy getting lots of midwifery experience, she loves to practice yoga and go trail running. She also tends to her herb and veggie garden.⁣

Fun fact: Allison created Balanced Birth Childbirth Education and teaches the series which helps families prepare physically and emotionally for birth.
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#sandiegohomebirth #birthmatters
#childbirtheducation #birthempowerment

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With news and recommendations related to the novel Coronavirus (Covid19) changing rapidly, many families are exploring options outside of the hospital. Our skilled team of midwives is here to help.⁣⁣
✨Accepting late transfers. This means that eligible families can still transfer care even if they are full term.⁣⁣
✨Sliding scale fee for those who are full term/nearing full term. Our fee includes the remainder of your prenatal care, your birth, and postpartum care for you AND your baby. This means that you and your baby can stay home and stay safe.⁣⁣
✨ Pay per visit appointments. We offer prenatal and postpartum appointments.⁣

✨Telemedicine appointments. The option to receive prenatal midwifery care from the comfort of your home. See blog post in our bio!⁣ ⁣

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💕Joanna 💕

Joanna Bronkema began her midwifery career in a hospital setting, she went on to work in a birth center and has now been attending homebirths for over 2 years. ⁣

Joanna was working as a biologist when she discovered midwifery. She watched the film “The Business of Being Born” and it inspired her to become trained as a doula. She began attending births with midwives and fell in love with birth and midwifery.⁣ ⁣
When she’s not midwife-ing Joanna loves to go on hikes. She also loves to dance. Her favorite is Latin dance like salsa and bachata 💃 ⁣

Fun fact: Joanna travelled to Guatemala to learn Spanish and worked with traditional Guatamalan midwives while she was there.

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We do not wish to add to any feelings of panic or fear, but we do want to make ourselves available.⁣⁣
If you are a low risk pregnant person, you have options.⁣⁣
If you are in need of prenatal care and no longer feel comfortable visiting your providers medical office, we are available for supplemental prenatal care.⁣⁣
If the hospital no longer feels like the safest or best choice for you, we are accepting eligible families wishing to transfer care.⁣ ⁣

Call our office line to speak with one of our skilled midwives and see if you are a candidate for midwifery care.⁣

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💥Nikki💥 ⁣
Nikki Helms joined the Mother to Mother Midwifery team in 2019. Nikki was inspired to be a midwife when she learned about the health disparities in birth for women of color. When she heard that women of color have better outcomes in out of hospital birth settings, she wanted to be a part of those better outcomes.⁣

Nikki is extremely passionate about education, especially birth education. One of Nikki’s proudest accomplishments was winning a grant and using the money to help train and inform local practitioners on transgender birth; bridging the gap and creating safe spaces for LGBTQ people in midwifery. ⁣

When Nikki’s not midwife-ing she likes to read and play the Sims on her computer and catch up on sleep 😴 ⁣

Fun fact: Nikki loves birth and midwifery themed shirts and gear and she’s got some good ones! ⁣

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We are partnering up with @shopgoodco to celebrate #mommastrong March 💪🏽 💜 Did you know that midwife means “with woman?” Midwifery is all about woman-centered care and partnering with women to meet their health and wellness needs from a holistic perspective. If you’ve ever been curious about midwifery care, or you want to supplement the care you’re getting from other providers... this is a great opportunity to see what midwifery care is all about!

This month we’re offering a 1 hour visit with one of our midwives for just $99.

The visit can be in the office or via Skype or FaceTime as well for those in California that don’t want to leave the house! We can only do those remote visits for select appointments so call to ask if you qualify.

Here are some ways you can use your visit:
-well woman appt (pap/breast exam)
-conception counseling/ or natural family planning consult
-nutrition before/during/after pregnancy -optimal fetal positioning for labor
-postpartum planning and care -and more... Visit our website to purchase this special offer or call us if you have questions (link in bio)

#midiwferycareforall #womancenteredcare #wellwomancare #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #wellness #sandiegowellness

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Sunshine Chrispeels is a cofounder/owner of Mother to Mother Midwifery and she considers this one of her proudest accomplishments as a midwife. In addition to supporting birthing families, the practice helps to support student and other midwives, office staff and other people who have been involved with the practice. ⁣

Her favorite thing about midwifery is how dynamic it is. Midwifery requires the balance of a strong knowledge and skill set as well as the heart to support families emotionally. ⁣

When she’s not midwife-ing, Sunshine loves to garden and care for her fruit trees, vegetables, and indoor jungle. She enjoys dancing and concerts and spending time with her large family but she also appreciates her quiet, alone time.⁣

Fun fact: Sunshine has a local Air Bnb @mermaidsgardenloft and it’s a beautiful little⁣ sanctuary.⁣ #sandiegomidwifery #homebirthmidwife #plantlady #familycenteredbirth #mothertomothermidwifery

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