A doula is like a trail guide.
Familiar with the path she keeps you hiking through the hard parts, knowing the view at the end is incredible.

📷 @dallasarthurbirthstories

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A doula can be an amazing addition to your birth team. Doulas work with you prenatally to prepare mind, body, and spirit for the birth of your baby. They offer continuous support in labor for both the laboring mother and her partner… and can support you during the postpartum season. Doulas and midwives have different roles but the collaboration can really provide a supported and empowered experience for the whole family.

Great graphic courtesy of @sumistouch

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We’ve posted about how birth is such a transformative event for the mother... that you enter the birthing realm a certain person and leave having birthed your baby AND a whole new version of yourself.

But birth is a transformation for families too. For partners and siblings.

This beautiful photo by @haileysandersphotography captures that impeccably. Look at this big sister welcoming her sibling earthside. What will her connection to baby be like? What will she believe and feel about birth? How might she choose to birth her own babies?

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The wisest of words from @inamaygaskin ...

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Birth is a transformation

Birth is a rite of passage

Birth is a portal

Birth is an invitation

Birth is a transcendence

📷 @birthblessingsphotodoula

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Visualization can be a powerful tool when preparing for birth.

Along with a physical practice of promoting balance and space for your body and baby... visualizing baby in an optimal position can help.

Some mothers even print images they like and hang them up around there house. This one includes a comforting affirmation as well 💜

Image by: @amycharlette

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The forward leaning inversion is a cornerstone of @spinningbabies
Inversions help by creating more space in your lower uterus for baby to adjust into an optimal position.

The natural pull of gravity also helps to facilitate balance and loosen tight ligaments.

Inversions can be done during pregnancy and during labor 👌🏼

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Let’s talk fetal positioning...

Babies can move around a lot during pregnancy. Most babies settle into a head down (cephalic) position prior to birth.

The position of your baby can have an impact on when labor begins, how efficient labor is, and what your comfort level is throughout labor.

The great news is that there are things that you can do to promote an optimal fetal position. Creating balance and space in your body allows babies to intuitively get into their optimal position for birth.

Stay tuned as we discuss more about positioning and share some helpful resources!

Beautiful image by: @onemamamidwife

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We’re here for your fertility care and needs. We provide fertility related care and services from a holistic, patient centered approach.
Our team of experienced midwives provide:

*preconception care
*free pregnancy testing
*natural family planning
*birth control consult + prescription
*IUD removal and placement
*hormone testing
*loss/miscarriage care

Art: @larenardebouclee
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Maybe your just beginning to consider conceiving, or maybe there have been some challenges getting pregnant, or maybe you’re interested in addressing hormone health or cycle challenges...

Lowering your body’s toxic burden and focusing on nutrition is a great place to start!

Switch out makeup, personal care products, cleansers and detergents for non toxic options. Also consider getting rid of other products with chemical fragrance like air fresheners and candles as they often contain endocrine disrupters.

Eating clean, nutrient dense Whole Foods can have an impact as well. Try incorporating omega3s and mineral rich foods 👍🏼

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Have you heard of menstruation referred to as the fifth vital sign??

Your cycle provides important insights into your fertility, hormones, and your overall health.

Knowing your cycle is such an empowering tool. Managing your fertility can mean not having to take hormonal birth control and feeling confident about timing sex to avoid pregnancy OR to conceive.

Stay tuned this week as we explore ways to support your fertility and hormone health 👌🏼

Image by: @duvet_days

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More exciting news!! Karly Nuttall will be joining our team later this summer. Karly brings a wealth of experience and wisdom and we are so excited to collaborate with her while she’s back in the U.S. for a bit!

Repost from @karlynuttallmidwife

Hi y’all! Have I ever introduced myself on here? I’m not sure. I know that’s a thing and I’m trying to be more visible on my own page so people know the midwife behind the posts! It’s me! Karly! Mmkay...let’s backstory it, shall we? I’ve been a midwife since, honestly, I don’t remember but it was either 2003 or 2004. I’ve been going to births since 1999, first as a student midwife, I was never a doula. I’ve attended a lot of home births and birth center births, I think around 775-800 in total so I’ve really put in some hours. I’ve done tons of reading over the years, become a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and vaginal hydro steam therapist and learned so much from my clients over the years. I love digging deeper into health and hormones and how we can find the root of problems experienced during the childbearing year! I co hosted the @birthkweens podcast and also started Midwifery Finishing School to pass on all my “I wish I’d known this when I started practicing” nuggets to the newbie baby midwives out there. I’ve practiced mainly in San Diego California but I’m living in Antalya Turkey (not delivering babies here) right now with my fiancé who is from Morocco. We’re reallllly enjoying the mountains, the sea and the fresh food they grow in the city. Introduce yourself if you want to say hi in the comments!

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How sweet is this picture of baby Nikko and Mama?
Nikko was born en caul after only 3 pushes in the family’s own bathtub.
Birth is amazing 💫

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We are so thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Winter will be joining the Mother Mother Midwifery team!!

Elizabeth is a licensed midwife and naturopathic doctor as well as mother to two little ones, both born at home with midwives. Elizabeth received her training in both naturopathic medicine and midwifery at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She practices as both a naturopathic doctor, specializing in women's health and pediatrics, and also as a midwife. Elizabeth has attended births for over 8 years now, primarily in freestanding birth centers and at home. She is proud to carry on the lineage of naturopathic midwifery which combines the principles of naturopathic medicine with the Midwifery Model of Care.

Elizabeth believes that pregnancy and birth are normal, yet sacred, physiological processes. She believes strongly in the safety of homebirth for low risk women and babies. Through her own birth experiences, she understands first hand that birth can and should be joyful and empowering. She believes strongly in choices and informed consent and brings these principles to all the families she works with.

When not serving families and running after her own little ones, Elizabeth enjoys trail running, swimming in the ocean, relaxing in the desert, working on her garden, and, unashamedly, true crime podcasts.

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Sharing this beautiful photo and caption from the amazing @ashley_boxerboo
Thank you allowing us to be a part of your family’s birth 💜

I gained over 100 pounds between my two pregnancies. 65 with Brooklyn and 40 with Charlotte. Although I gained more with Brooklyn I have lost weight slower after Charlotte. And I am ok with it. I feel so strong and healthy mind and body. Never in my life did I know my body would go through such drastic transformations. Every pound, dimple, widening of this or that, and stretch mark was worth it. I learned with this postpartum journey to not focus on “bouncing back” like society and culture emphasizes. I’m more focused on feeding myself to nurture my baby and slowly introducing exercises while listening to my body. And no, not everyone loses weight while breastfeeding! Let’s fact check that right there. One of the biggest (and most annoying) breastfeeding myths. But I prefer to breastfeed than lose weight faster. What’s a few more months. Our culture puts too much emphasis on returning to “normal” after birth, but our bodies and souls are forever changed. Rather than trying to erase those changes asap produced by becoming a mother we should embrace them and focus on strength and nourishment. Just keeping it real for all you mamas out there. Give yourself time and patience. I am teaching myself to and it takes work. I know it isn’t always easy ❤️ Love yourself. Know the only opinion that matters is yours.

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Birth is powerful 🤍
wise words from @iamhaizehawkerosen

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Three sister. All born at home 😍

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low lights, warm tub, and eye gazing with your baby... there’s no place like home 🤍 ...

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There’s no place like home 💕 ⁣

It’s hard to fully describe the difference between typical OB care and hospital birth and the care of an experienced and passionate midwifery team. ⁣

We can tell you about our services; that in addition to the standard prenatal care and labs, we offer personalized, holistic care. We talk about nutrition, fetal positioning and body balancing. We talk about emotionally and spiritually preparing for your experience. We really get to know you so that we can honor your experience and preferences. ⁣

What’s harder to describe is the pure beauty and bliss of feeling safe supported and empowered during your pregnancy and birth. What it means to birth from the comfort and safety of your home fully supported and cared for. The feeling of looking down and seeing your baby emerge and feeling how powerful and amazing you truly are.⁣

That’s something you just have to experience for yourself... we hope we’re there to support and witness you in all your homebirth glory. ⁣

#noplacelikehome #sandiegohomebirth #homebirthmidwife #mothertomothermidwifery⁣

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Repost: @heartofgoldbirth

Who did it?
Where was it?
How many times, overt and subtle, over the course of your lifetime?
The seed that was planted that birth was something to be feared. That your capacity to birth was questioned and doubted. The horror stories. Tales of intolerable pain. Sweeping stories of victims and heroes.

You have been led astray. For whilst certainly all those things exist in birth, they are not the full story. The truth is much more compelling.

The real story about birth is that the vast majority of the time: it works. Our bodies, our babies, are built for birth. It’s inherent in the design. This is as true for the elephants we watch and cheer on; and giraffes; and kittens (insert any other mammal)... And it is true. for. us.

The primary difference is that we doubt our capacity, because, in part, we get into our heads, and we let others in as well.

The truth is that we are wildly capable, and indescribably powerful. And that our self-limiting beliefs are learned, and we can therefor unpack, challenge, and unlearn them.

Self-fulfilling prophesies work both ways, right?, so where will you focus your energy and attention?

I keep thinking of some meme I saw which said something like: I’m much more interested in the stories where the women/folks realized they didn’t need saving, and just fucking got to work dismantling the patriarchal nonsense that kept them playing small. ⚡️✨
Epic 📸 by @jandb_photos
#birth #homebirth #midwife #trustbirth #trusttheprocess #birthworks #magic #labor #pregnancy #birthright #midwiferyforall #sandiegohomebirth

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Did you know that the midwifery model of care is also for health and wellness needs?⁣

We offer holistic, person centered, trauma informed care in a comfortable home-like environment. ⁣

Come see us for:⁣
Pap Smear and HPV testing⁣

STI testing, prescription, and partner treatment⁣

Breast health: clinical breast exam, referral + interpretation of mammofram and ultrasound⁣

Natural Family Planning⁣

Birth Control: pill, patch, ring⁣

Placement and removal of long acting contraceptives (IUD + implant)⁣

Pregnancy confirmation⁣

*Urgent Care *⁣
We also offer same day appointments for:⁣

Urinary tract infection (UTI) and antibiotic prescription⁣

Acute yeast or bacterial vaginal infections testing + prescriptions⁣

Other urgent, non emergency concerns.

#wellpersoncare #wellwomancare #papsmear #midwiferycare

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Wishing you all a love and joy filled 2021💕


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Our homebirth services include multiple postpartum care visits to ensure that mother and baby are doing well and thriving.⁣


Did you know that you can receive the same holistic postpartum care from us even if you gave birth in a hospital or birth center??⁣

In home postpartum care includes skilled clinical assessments for mother and baby⁣

Support your healing and rest by staying home and having us come to you.⁣

We offer Newborn Screening and Congenital Heart Defect Screening⁣

Includes prescriptions for common postpartum and new baby complaints (if needed)⁣

Hour long visit that includes breastfeeding support and postpartum resources.

#postpartum #postpartumcare #fourthtrimester #midwiferycareforall #breastfeeding

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😍 @alexesmonique in full birthing goddess mode, venturing off into labor land.

Sometimes our work involves a more hands on approach and sometimes it involves quietly waiting, holding space, and honoring the process.

Such a privilege to support this family once again.

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This incredible organ can be such a gift for healing and balance during the postpartum season.

#placentaencapsulation #placentamedicine #fourthtrimester

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What began as a relationship between mother and midwife blossomed into a beautiful friendship.

Here are Sunshine and Sahar enjoying a sunset stroll together at the beach.

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Body balancing for comfort in pregnancy and labor 👌🏼

#optimalfetalpositioning #bodybalancing #physiologicalbirth #birthingwithease #midwiferycare #naturalbirthing

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Look at these two. Their parents met 2 years ago in birth classes and now these kiddos are best buds 💛

One of the truly magical elements of this home birth practice is the community. All of the connections and support and love that happen behind the scenes and long after the birth. This is what it’s all about.

#birthmatters #homebirthmidwife #theresnoplacelikehome #midwiferyforall #oxytocinguardians #growingup #homebirthbaby #sandiegoparents

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We are so excited about these classes! Allison has created such an amazing series to help families feel informed, prepared, and excited for their birthing experience.

We will be sure to share upcoming series dates with you.
Hosted by @natureswhisper

#sandiegobirthclasses #balancedbirthpreparation #empoweredbirth #birthprep #homebirthing

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There’s nothing quite like that moment that you return from labor land and realize that YOU DID IT!
You feel your baby in your hands, you look down and see their little body there on your belly instead of inside of it. You fall in love instantly and completely.

#birthisbeautiful #oxytocinguardians #sandiegohomebirth #midwiferycare #homebirth #birthbliss #sandiegohomebirth


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And what an honor it is to witness that miracle. In birth, a baby is born and a woman is reborn... leaving behind the previous version of herself and birthing a new one. Mother.


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“Birth is not a cerebral event; it is a visceral-holistic process which requires all of your self – body, heart, emotion, mind, spirit.” – Baraka Bethany Elihu

📷: @aliferoahphotography

#homebirth #theresnoplacelikehome #waterbirth #birthphotography #midwifery #sandiegomidwives #oxytocin #birthingcave

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We are thrilled to offer our support group in person again!

For now group will be held outdoors at Trolley Barn Park.

Wednesday’s @ 10:30.

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