Fertility Awareness

Natural Family Planning Classes taught at Mother to Mother Midwifery

Brooke Ray, Nurse Midwife,  teaches Fertility Awareness at Mother to Mother Midwifery.  She is pursuing her Natural Family Planning teacher certification through Marquette University.

Natural Family Planning is reliable and practical when practiced correctly.  Taking the time to learn the details and rules gives you an intuitive and natural fertility awareness to use throughout your reproductive years. Partner participation dramatically increases the success of this method and also strengthens the relationship.


OB Peoples Free Introductory Course “Take Charge of Your Fertility”  on Wednesday August 7, 7-8:30pm.

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Dates for the next complete three class series at our office on 1816 Howard Ave:

  • Sat Evening Sept 14, 2019 Class I,  5:00-6:30pm Fertility Awareness
  • Sat Evening October 26, 2019 Class 2,  5:00-6:30pm Natural Contraception
  • Sat Evening November 16, 2019 Class 3,  5:00-6:30pm Conscious Conception

Wine and a sparkling non-alcoholic beverage and cheese and vegan cheese will be served.  

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Natural Family Planning can be used to prevent or achieve pregnancy. It does not rely on artificial hormones and it is in accord with the Roman Catholic Church.

For perfect users who wish to prevent pregnancy, Natural Family Planning can be as effective as 99%.

We offer a three class series at our office on 1816 Howard Ave San Diego CA 92103.

Class I  Tracking Your Fertility: Learn to correctly track your fertility signs to accurately determine your Peak Fertile Day.

Class 2  Natural Contraception: Learn the 4 rules of Natural Contraception; Lactational Amenorrhea Method and Using Natural Family Planning while breastfeeding

Class 3 Conscious Conception

Space is limited to 8 individuals.  Singles and couples are invited to attend but Natural Family Planning is most effective when couples learn and practice together.

Required reading: Take Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.  There are assigned readings before each session.

Cost is $30 per class per individual, or $50 per class per couple.  This is a three class series.  Class 1 is prerequisite to Class 2 or 3

Charts will be provided. Thermometers are available for purchase.

Location: 1816 Howard Ave San Diego CA 92103

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