Welcome to the Homebirth Mixers!

Every six weeks or so, on a Wednesday evening at 6:30-8:00 pm we host Homebirth Mixers at our office.

These are social events for our clients to meet like minded home birthing families and build community. Our evening begins with snacks, name tags and introductions. Then we midwives briefly present an interesting, relevant topic for discussion. For the rest, we encourage you all to meet, talk and get to know each other. Often we are fortunate to have one of our birthing families return to share their birth story.

This is always a treat!

At the end of the evening we invite you to exchange contact information with each other and continue your conversations. Sometimes new friendships spring up at our Home birth Mixers.

The whole family is welcome to come socialize at our Mixers!

Brooke and Sunshine are amazing, and we are so thrilled that we chose them as our midwifery team! Prenatal visits with them are relaxed and informative, and we always felt they had enough time for all our questions and concerns.

~ Katie, Arash, and Fletcher Bauer

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