Prenatal Care

Routine prenatal care is important for detecting and reducing problems, but excellent prenatal care goes further and also emphasizes nutrition, exercise, emotional, social and psychological health. Homebirth prenatal care is superior to routine prenatal care because it is individualized and the luxury of longer appointments allows for trust and personal connection between midwife and mother-to-be.

Homebirth prenatal visits are monthly until 28 weeks, twice monthly from 28-36 weeks, and weekly after 36 weeks until birth. Homebirth prenatal visits last 45 minutes to one hour, as compared to 15 minutes or less in routine medical care. At least one prenatal visit will be in your home and the rest in the office.

Prenatal Care

  • Hour or longer appointments
  • In depth nutritional counseling
  • In depth conversations and counseling about procedures and tests
  • An open ear to questions, concerns and fears
  • Family appointments (bring you other children, partner etc…)
  • Alternative healing modalities for traditional pregnancy related complaints
  • Childbirth preparation
  • Relaxed and friendly environment
  • 24/7 phone availability

Labs and Ultrasounds

All routine prenatal labs and ultrasounds are available, but not required. We encourage you to carefully consider each routine test and procedure during pregnancy and choose those that are relevant to you and your baby. A thoughtful discussion about the risks and benefits of each test and procedure during prenatal visits helps to inform your decision making. Excellent prenatal care is individualized to the unique needs of mother and baby.

Sono Health is where we refer most of our clients for ultrasounds, depending on their insurance.

We also have an ultrasound machine in our office to use for basic in office ultrasounds as needed.