Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care at Home

After the birth, since you’re already at home, you can just stay in bed, skin to skin with your baby.

Ideally, you and your new baby will spend three quiet days together in bed while you wait for your milk to come in. These first three days are a time for you both to rest and integrate the birth experience. It is a time for your baby to adjust to life outside of the womb and for you two to continue to form a deep attachment to one another.

It’s best for the environment to be quiet and under-stimulating. In general, visitors should be discouraged during the first week after the birth except to drop off food at the door. Someone close to you should move in for one week to help care for older siblings, cook, serve you food in bed, do the laundry, shop, answer the phone, answer the door, get the mail, etc.

We visit you and your baby 24 hours after the birth, three days after the birth and one week after the birth. You should schedule a one week appointment with your pediatrician. An office visit is scheduled with us six weeks postpartum to check on you again and discuss options for family planning (birth control).

We offer the California Newborn Screen at one day of life at your home

The California Newborn Screen is a state mandated test for all babies born in the hospital. When you give birth at home it is optional.  The California Newborn Screen is a blood test from your baby’s heel that checks for dozens and dozens of metabolic diseases. Some examples are thyroid disorders, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria. The advantage of early testing is early intervention. This test is covered by all insurance companies.  If there is an abnormal result, the State of California will provide further diagnostic testing and treatment.  If you choose to do this test, we midwives help to make this a gentle experience for your newborn. We warm your baby’s heel first so it will bleed easily and not require additional pricks.  We also suggest you put your baby to the breast during the test to be comforted during the test.  If you choose not to do this test, we will ask you to sign a refusal form.

Newborn Care at Home

Within hours of the birth we examine your newborn baby. we repeat this exam at one day, three days and one week of life. Your pediatric care provider will continue to provide care for your baby after one week of life. We provide you with a list of referrals for pediatric care providers during your prenatal care so that you may choose your baby’s care provider before the birth.

Birth Certificates for a Homebirth

Birth Certificates for homebirths are issued by the Public Health Department.  Midwife, mother and baby schedule an appointment together to obtain a birth certificate within one year of the birth. The cost is $17.

Social Security Card

At your six week postpartum appointment, we will provide you with a “Proof of Identity Form” which you will use to obtain a social security card for your baby.

These are by far the best care providers I've ever had in any field. The gift they gave me was excellent woman based health care and an education on healthy pregnancy and birth. All of this nurtured the woman I am and the mother I've become. Thank you more than words, Mother to Mother Midwives.

~ Catherine Jones, mother of four

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