Birth Services

* Comprehensive PRENATAL CARE available from “day 1” of your pregnancy in the group and/or individual visits. We offer all standard prenatal labs & ultrasound referrals. Clinical care offered at our office in Mission Valley, as well as one visit at your home.

* Preparation for HOMEBIRTH including WATERBIRTH if desired, for low-risk pregnancies (most pregnancies are low risk; just ask us). Labor & delivery in the comfort of your own home – and we clean up the mess! Transfer into our care at any time up until term

* We offer home vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC or HBAC)

* POSTPARTUM CARE – 3 visits in the first week in your own home and a final visit at 4-6 weeks postpartum


* CONSULTING low-intervention Obstetrician

* CHILDBIRTH CLASSES by Allison Hervey

* PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION ($25 off for Mother to Mother Midwifery clients)

Additional Services

Prenatal Care for Travelers

* Traveling in San Diego while pregnant?
* Stop in for just one or a few routine prenatal checkups while you’re here
* Our prenatal visits are comprehensive and can include lab or ultrasound referrals if needed

Pre-Conception: Pregnancy Planning Health Checkup

* Healthy pregnancy preparation from a holistic midwife
* Pre-pregnancy labs if desired

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

* Cell-free fetal DNA (cfDNA) analyzes baby(s)’ placenta DNA to screen for genetic anomalies through a simple blood draw from the mother’s arm
* Schedule as early as 9 weeks gestation
* We use the Natera Panorama test, a market-leading test offering the highest reported gender accuracy of any NIPT
* Screens for Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, and Patau syndrome, Turner syndrome, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, and the option for more with an extended panel (Trisomy 21, 18 and 13, Monosomy X, Klinefelter syndrome, Triple X Syndrome, microdeletions, Prader-will syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Triploidy)
* Includes chromosomal sex if desired
*We collect and submit your Panorama test and provide you with the results in one business week.
(Panorama charges a separate fee, call 855.271.1502 for a quote)

Antenatal Testing

* Also known as a non-stress test (NST) & amniotic fluid index (AFI) or a modified biophysical Profile
* A weekly or twice-weekly look into fetal wellbeing done by a holistic homebirth CNM in a home-like environment
* Great option for pregnant women planning home or birth center birth with a licensed midwife
* Reasons to consider the testing: prolonged pregnancy, advanced maternal age, 2-vessel cord, and more


* Diagnosis of miscarriage (missed, complete, incomplete, ectopic) by blood testing & ultrasound
* Includes one office visit, ultrasound and lab referral(s) if needed, and on-call midwife phone support
* Safe, low-intervention options enhance your own body’s ability to heal from a normal miscarriage without visiting the emergency room
(labs and ultrasounds are billed additional by the laboratory/sonographer; includes one blood draw in-office, additional blood draws are done at the lab or can be done in our office)

Well Person & Gynecology Visits

* Holistic care from licensed clinicians in a home-like environment
* Pap smear & HPV testing
* STI testing, prescription, and partner treatment
* Breast health: clinical breast exam, referral & interpretation of mammogram & ultrasound
* Natural Family Planning
* Birth control prescriptions: pill, ring, patch, etc.
* Placement & removal of long-acting contraceptives (IUD, implant)
* Abnormal discharge or vaginal concerns
* Pregnancy confirmation

Gynecology Urgent Care

*  Same-day or next-day appointments
* Urinary tract infection (UTI) testing & antibiotic prescription
* Acute yeast or bacterial vaginal infections testing & prescription
* Other urgent, non-emergency concerns

Postpartum & Well Newborn Home Care

* Clinical assessment of the postpartum and well newborn in the comfort of your own home
* Avoid the need to leave your home in the first few weeks after birth, aiding in a speedy recovery
* Perfect for after a hospital or birth center birth
* Newborn Screening and Critical Congenital Heart Defect screening offered, vaccines not offered
* Includes prescription for common postpartum or well-newborn complaints if needed, and breastfeeding support
* 1-hour long visit, as opposed to the rushed 10-minute visits offered in doctor’s offices