Karly Nuttall, LM

Karly has been a midwife since 2003. She has been going to births since 1999, first as a student midwife. She has attended a lot of home births and birth center births, around 775-800 in total. She has done tons of reading over the years, become a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and vaginal hydro steam therapist. She loves digging deeper into health and hormones and how we can find the root of problems experienced during the childbearing year!  She co-hosted the @birthkweens podcast and also started Midwifery Finishing School to pass on all her “I wish I’d known this when I started practicing” nuggets to the newbie baby midwives out there. She practices mainly in San Diego, California, but also lives partly in Antalya, Turkey (not delivering babies) with her fiancé who is from Morocco. She really enjoys the mountains, the sea and the fresh food they grow in the city.