Christiana Behnke-Simmons Homebirth

My name is Christiana Behnke-Simmons or better known as Nana. I’m a stay at home mom of a beautiful 21 month old baby boy and 2 adopted kids (11 & 12 years old). I’m a freelance graphic designer and entrepreneur building my own business as the creator of BabyGaroove which is a prenatal and baby wearing dance class. As a start up my finances are very limited and I’m currently ensured through Medi-Cal. Having to go through emergency c-section with baby Jeylan 2 years ago my options for a natural VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) combined with my financial state are very limited. I don’t like the hospital environment and especially after my first pregnancy I would love to be able to give birth in a more peaceful and accommodating environment which I call home. Taking my time and enjoying the beautiful ride of labor without the hectic and clinical stress created in a hospital atmosphere.

This is how I found mother to mother midwifery and I’m more than excited that I will be having a beautiful home birth experience with baby Kona in April. As a passionate dancer and dance teacher I will help other mothers by creating dance exercises that are super beneficial for an easy labor and work together on this lovely project with mother to mother midwifery. If you want to support my cause as an inspiring dancing mom to inspire others please support my home birthing experience by donating to my gofundme fundraiser. Every little step helps and is truly appreciated.


Thank You,