Mother to Mother Homebirth Fundraising and Scholarship

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The Mother to Mother Homebirth Fundraising and Scholarship helps families overcome financial obstacles to have a homebirth.

Use the GIVE button to select an individual mother to sponsor. 100% of your gift goes toward her homebirth.

Did you know most insurance companies in the U.S. pay for hospital birth but not homebirth? This is a big reason why so many American women birth in the hospital instead of at home.

Families who choose homebirth have to pay more out of pocket because it’s not covered. This makes homebirth financially prohibitive.  We midwives support you women determined to have a Homebirth!

If you’re curious why insurance companies don’t cover Homebirth, read more about the politics of homebirth or watch The Business of Being Born on youtube or Netflix.

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Make homebirth accessible for all!

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Sahar Mace Homebirth

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