Monthly Doulas at Mother to Mother

As of April 6th, 2021 this meeting is on hold.  Please join our Facebook Group at the link below to be notified when we start back up !

Doulas, we want to get to know you so we can refer our homebirth clients to you! San Diego’s birth doulas are gathering in circle at our Mother to Mother Midwifery office in University Heights.

Facilitated by Joanna Bronkema, CNM, we study and share experiences together to help continuously expand our doula skills.

We host an intimate group every month of 2-10 doula with a different theme each month from, like

Spinning Babies
Strategies for difficult births
How to figure out what is needed at each unique birth
Protecting the Birth Space
What to do when the birth plan veers away from normal
Specific skills (like posterior labors)
Celebrating the family and more
Birthing From Within

For dates & times, join our group at
If you are a doula or general birth junkie, you can join.  Each session is $15.  More details on the Facebook page.  It is a private group so request membership.