Natural Family Planning – Take Charge Of Your Fertility

Take Charge of Your Fertility

Natural Family Planning Classes taught by Brooke Ray, Nurse Midwife. Brooke is pursuing her teacher certification for Natural Family Planning through Marquette University. Natural Family Planning can be used to help achieve or prevent  pregnancy.  It is possible to track your fertility by learning to carefully track the menstrual cycle and observe subtle changes of temperature and cervical mucus. The benefits of Natural Family Planning are that it teaches self-awareness, it does not rely on artificial hormones and it is in accord with the Roman Catholic Church. For perfect users who wish to prevent pregnancy, Natural Family Planning can be as effective as 99%. For perfect users wishing to achieve pregnancy, Natural Family Planning can boost pregnancy rates to 90% in one year. Lactational Amenorrhea Method for preventing pregnancy is also taught for breastfeeding mothers.

We offer a three class series at our office on 1816 Howard Ave San Diego CA 92013

Class I teaches fertility and how to track.
Class 2 and 3 teach fertility awareness to avoid and achieve pregnancy.

Space is limited to 8 students.  Singles and couples are invited to attend but Natural Family Planning is most effective when couples learn and practice together.

Dates:  To Be Determined

We’re building an interest list.  If you’d like to be put on your interest

list send us a note here.

Classes  I, II and III are meant to be take one month apart

Recommended reading: Take Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

Cost is $30 per class per individual, or $50 per class per couple.  This is a three class series.

Charts will be provided. Thermometers are available for purchase.