Groups & Classes

Our Current Offerings:

Breastfeeding and Mothering Group
We meet every Wednesday at 10:30am at Trolley Barn Park.  Bring your baby and any questions you have about anything related to being a new parent.

Food for Life- Prenatal Groups by Clare V, Nutritionist

Wednesdays 4:30-6:00pm Sept 8, Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1

Balanced Birth Prep Series
This birth education series incorporates practical knowledge of labor, birth, and the postpartum period with hands on activities that prepare parents for the transition into parenthood. This four week course covers the natural progression of labor, comfort in labor, optimal fetal positioning, and postpartum care.

Balanced Birth Prep: Comfort During Labor
This individual class is an expansion of the comfort measures class offered in the Balanced Birth Preparation Series. This course is ideal for someone who has already had a baby and looking for a quick refresher on comfort strategies during labor and for new parents who want additional practice and information.

Balanced Birth Prep: Breastfeeding & the Transition to Postpartum
This individual course will dive into the blessings and the realities of the fourth trimester. We will focus on breastfeeding, importance of rest as a tool for healing, expectations and acceptance, and basic newborn care. This course is designed to help prepare and empower the birthing person for the postpartum period.

Body Balancing for Fetal Positioning
Our midwives will explain how optimal fetal positioning shortens labor and eases back pain. We will demonstrate and help you practice each position. For best results in labor, you should incorporate fetal positioning exercises during your pregnancy.