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OB/GYN Physician Becomes Homebirth Midwife

Transitions: OB/GYN Physician Turned Homebirth Midwife Dr. Elizabeth Ross, Ob/Gyn, who had her second homebirth with Mother to Mother Midwifery and later worked with them as a homebirth practicing OB/GYN in 2012, has decided to pursue her licensure as a midwife. In this interview, CNM Brooke Ray talks to Dr. Elizabeth Ross about her choice

The Politics of Homebirth

To understand why insurance companies don’t pay well for homebirth in America, one needs to appreciate the absolute power and control of the American Medical Association. The AMA spends hundreds of millions of dollars per year on lobbying it’s causes.  It lobbied against non-medical exemptions of mandatory vaccines, and for the ongoing use of animals

Cesarean births affecting human evolution: The female pelvis is not to blame

Recently some British researchers came up with a dodgy, new spin on an old obstetric myth. They warn us that the high rate of cesarean births is afffecting human evolution.  They claim the female pelvis is shrinking through evolution.  They report, selection pressure from the overuse of cesarean deliveries is accelerating this evolutionary shrinking process.