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OB/GYN Physician Becomes Homebirth Midwife

Transitions: OB/GYN Physician Turned Homebirth Midwife Dr. Elizabeth Ross, Ob/Gyn, who had her second homebirth with Mother to Mother Midwifery and later worked with them as a homebirth practicing OB/GYN in 2012, has decided to pursue her licensure as a midwife. In this interview, CNM Brooke Ray talks to Dr. Elizabeth Ross about her choice

Community Health Group Medi-Cal covers Homebirth

Community Health Group (CHG) covers Homebirth Homebirth is such an amazing option for low risk mothers and babies.  There are so many benefits.  One simple benefit is that women do not have to drive anywhere when they are in labor.  The midwives do all the driving.  That’s even more of a relief if you’re in

Alternative Birth Options and Health Insurance Coverage

Although most women in the U.S. deliver babies in a hospital, that’s far from their only option these days. They don’t have to rely on doctors or obstetricians either. Doulas and midwives are increasingly common, as are birthing centers as well as home and water births. Here’s how health plans tend to treat them. In

Are there really more births on the super moon?

The full moon will be closest today to planet earth than it has been since 1948.  It won’t be this close again until 2034. Surely this strongest gravitational pull will help a full-term, expectant mother, patiently waiting for her baby, to finally start labor. Unfortunately ladies, there is no scientific evidence to prove the full moon

On Cutting the Cord and Newborn Anemia

Our practice is very protective of that cord after the baby is born.  Midwives have always respected the natural process and it has been our standard of care to let that cord pulse for as long as needed to insure the newborn receives its full complement of blood. Pic showing before and after the cord

In honor of Midwifery Week

In honor of Midwifery Week, please join the San Diego Chapter of the American College of Nurse Midwives to enjoy this documentary. Held in UCSD’s auditorium. Offical Selection of Los Angeles 2012, Winner Audience Award Los Angeles Film Festival 2012. Suggested donation $10 at the door. No reservations necessary. Q&A with the director to follow.

Homebirth…For Dads

Recently one of our favorite magazines on Wellness published a few articles on a much neglected perspective:  The father’s Here is a quote from the article, but you can read it in our office, or request a free copy here ” Any reservations I had about having a homebirth were erased almost from the first

Birth as a Rite of Passage

Once in awhile we get an honorable mention in a published magazine.  This birth story has to be included as it is so beautifully written.  Brooke was the midwife and Sunshine taught her classes. is the link.  I think it is worth posting even though the baby was born at a local birth center. 

Birth Dance with Brooke

Come prepare your “body/mind” for birth.  One of Brooke’s strengths as a midwife is her dance background.  Come learn about the “4 Ps of Birth” and the importance of movement in labor. Sept 22nd 3-4:30pm $25 Right outside of our office in Nature’s Whisper Garden Studio To register:

Mother to Mother Midwifery Featured in San Diego UpTown News

Local San Diego newspaper “San Diego UpTown News”, runs a feature about Mother to Mother Midwifery in their May 11th – May 24th, 2012 publication, (Volume 4, Issue 10), entitled, “Midwife-attended home births on the rise. Hillcrest practice provides a natural alternative to hospital deliveries”. Click here to view the article online: or Click