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Emily’s Third Baby, Lauren, Born at Home

Lauren was born at just past 41 weeks. Labor was fast and furious – about 4.5 hours. It was exactly what the midwives had said is common for third labors. Unpredictable! Some contractions were far apart, some very close together. Most were very intense, but there were a few surprisingly light ones mixed in. I’m

Emily’s Homebirths With Mother to Mother Midwifery

Liam’s birth was my first. It started in the early morning and lasted 14 hours. At one point, when I thought I could go no more (but it was looking like there would be a lot more), my husband came alongside me and whispered “We will have this baby before sunset.” I could only nod

Bringing Baby Home

It’s 3 a.m. You’re up for the fourth time since you fell into bed at 8pm last night. This beautiful, amazing creature is now nestled softly in your arms, content to feel the intensity of your love as you slowly rock, back and forth, back and forth. You never could have imagined how much you

Birth story for Augusta

Name: Melanie Keeton (Founder of Returning to Birth) Baby Name: Augusta Nicole Weight: 7lb 6oz Length: 20 in Birthday: November 8, 2017 Gestation: 40 weeks (born 15 min shy of her due date) Time of Birth: 11:44 pm Location of Birth: San Diego, CA Home birth with Mother to Mother Midwifery I had a few