New Moms & Breastfeeding Group

Mother to Mother Midwives support breastfeeding and have a considerable amount of experience troubleshooting and helping with breastfeeding.  We visit you 3 times at home in the first postpartum week. We are also on call for you 24/7 after birth to ensure sure you and your baby are thriving and to help with any breastfeeding bumps in the road.

For ongoing support, please join us at our weekly breastfeeding support group at our office Wednesday’s 10:30-12.

Weekly breastfeeding support group, open to the public, at 1816 Howard Ave, Wednesday’s 10:30-12:00 with IBLC candidate, Paris Jeske.

Breastfeeding Support Group, Wed 10:30-12

1816 Howard Ave, San Diego CA 92103

Mother to Mother Midwifery Office

Open to the Public

Walk-Ins are Welcome

Wednesdays 10:30-12:00

Contact: 619-220-8189 office; 619-297-2229 midwife on call;

Just bring your baby and your questions !

Weigh your baby, chat with a professional and meet other mothers in your community.

  • Pre/Post feed weights
  • Supply Issues
  • Difficulty latching
  • Concerns about weight gain
  • Returning to work and pumping schedule
  • Weaning
  • Meet other Moms
  • Breastfeeding supplies for sale at Mother to Mother Midwifery
  • Galactagogue recommendations and prescriptions for Domperidone
  • Japanese breast massage for engorged breasts by appointment.
  • Hygeia Electronic breast pump referrals covered by insurance
  • Referrals for breastmilk donors
  • Legendary Milk Supplier

To ensure privacy for our breastfeeding mothers, no partners please.

Photo’s from our February 6th, 2017 Group: