Sunshine Chrispeels, California Licensed Midwife


Sunshine Chrispeels is a California Licensed Midwife, a mother to 3 boys and a grandmother of three. She has been attending births for over 8 years now and has been privileged to see women give birth beautifully in all settings: home, hospital and birth center. Of course, her heart belongs to home birth. She believes strongly that birth is a normal physiological process, and for low risk pregnancies and labors, that birth at home with skilled attendants is the sanest and safest option.

Sunshine received her medical training alongside many experienced midwives in the homebirth setting beginning in 2006 and then moved to El Paso to work for a whole year in a busy birth center on the Texas and Mexican border. Upon receiving her license in 2008, she worked at Best Start Birth Center for almost 3 years and concurrently opened her private practice in 2009.

One of the major influences on her path into midwifery has been her Hawaiian Heritage. She grew up on the North Shore of Hawaii in an environment that promotes a connection to nature and holistic living. Her great- great grandmother was full blooded Hawaiian, her grandmother was a fierce advocate for the way of life of the Hawaiians. It was her that taught her respect for the self, the inner voice and the process of nature.

Sunshine is a Certified Birthing From Within Mentor and has helped hundreds of families find their own path through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She teaches ‘Birthing From Within‘ classes on a monthly basis. She also speaks fluent Spanish!

“This birth moment in October 2018 was the culmination of a series of quiet, beautiful events that evening. The birthing mother gave me this photo the next day.  I am so warmed.  This will always be one of my most treasured, heart-felt memories.  I am deeply thankful to this family.”

Little Midwife

“We have so many of these precious memories in our professions as midwives.  We tuck them away in our sentimental banks. The work we do rewards us over and over. The value of our profession is much more than pay, buy in how personally and emotionally rich it is. Every time I see that photo (and there have been lots of moments lately with the amount of press we are getting), my cup runeth over and my emotional bank is filled. I feel warm and fuzzy and like I have been given a beautiful gift. We are so fortunate to support families in this journey. It takes the courage of a growing family to produce these moments and our trust and skills to support them through it.”

These are by far the best care providers I've ever had in any field. The gift they gave me was excellent woman based health care and an education on healthy pregnancy and birth. All of this nurtured the woman I am and the mother I've become. Thank you more than words, Mother to Mother Midwives.

~ Catherine Jones, mother of four

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