Joanna Bronkema, CNM

Joanna Bronkema is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner providing holistic healthcare to women & LGBTQI people in their conception, pregnancy, birth, and all stages of reproductive health. She began her career as an environmental biologist, but soon discovered the work that needed to be done to restore the rights of childbearing people. So, she became a doula and attended births in homes, birth centers and hospitals in California and rural Guatemala, and then went back to school at the University of California San Francisco to receive her RN, CNM, and NP degrees. Joanna has experience in hospital, birth center, and community/home birth settings and offers both alternative/complementary and herbal treatments as well as conventional allopathic (“Western”) prescriptions & procedures, combining the best of both worlds. As a former research scientist, Joanna is proud to offer truly evidence-based care. Her birth philosophy is that women are strong and birth is natural and beautiful. Incorporating the 6 Naturopathic Principles in her care, she has found that often the least interventive course of treatment is also the best one for long term wellness. Joanna’s role is to be the guardian of health and safety for mother and baby, but also to assist a mom-to-be to discover her own strength, knowledge, and internal beauty in labor and birth so that she and her family can embrace an empowering childbirth experience without fear, no matter where it may lead them. Se habla español.