About Us

Mother to Mother Midwifery is a midwife owned and operated homebirth practice. We are a team of  four highly experienced, qualified midwives.  During your pregnancy you get to know our team very well. Two of the four midwives will be with you for  your homebirth. If you have a long birth, you may have three or all four of us midwives in attendance throughout your labor.

We function under a group care model. This means that your prenatal and postpartum care throughout your pregnancy will be balanced among the midwives.  We work together to provide you with the best care possible.  Our goal is that you feel comfortable and familiar with our team by the time you’re in labor.  Familiarity with your midwives helps your labor continue to flow when we arrive to your home.

We give personalized and dynamic care with our different backgrounds and strengths.  For our individual backgrounds, see our bios.