Telemedicine and Virtual Prenatal Care for Homebirth

Telemedicine and Virtual Prenatal Care appointments are the way to stay and “shelter in place” nowadays.

Check out this new option for our homebirth clients at Mother to Mother Midwifery during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Don’t worry!  These appointments are actually enjoyable and relaxing.

Mother to Mother Midwifery Telemedicine

You don’t have to drag the kids anywhere, or get gas in your car, or fight traffic.  Just make yourself a nice cup of  tea (we recommend raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy) and get ready to relax with us.

An upside to the Corona Pandemic

Don’t  be surprised if Telemedicine and Virtual Prenatal Care stick around after this pandemic  is all over! There are so many benefits. Convenience is at the top of the list.

What you will need for your telemedicine appointment

All you will need at home is your own scale, the kit we loan you (containing a measuring tape, doppler and automatic blood pressure cuff), and 45 minutes of peace and quiet for a video chat with your friendly midwives at Mother to Mother Midwifery.

These appointments are pretty much the same as in-office ones.  We talk about all the well loved topics. The big difference is you get to do your own measurements. Independent minded pregnant women love this autonomy.

How to measure your own tummy

We can teach one of your family members how to measure your tummy, or you can make a time lapse video with daily profile pictures to show us how your baby is growing.

In-office appointments are still available.

Anyone who prefers  to come into the office is very welcome to do so.  Lab testing is still done in office.  Ultrasounds are still done in office.

Home vists continue to be a popular aspect homebirth prenatal and postpartum care.

We midwives do still need to put our hands on your belly from time to time to make sure your baby’s in a good position, etc.  But its definitely safe for some of your prenatal care to be done virtually.

We just want you all to have more options.  Give us a call if you want to give it a try!