Is Homebirth Safer than Hospital During Global Pandemic?

Homebirths are in the spotlight as the safe alternative to hospital birth during the global pandemic.

Pregnant women who are due to give birth in the next couple months are reconsidering their plans to deliver in the hospital. To avoid crowds and exposure to the Novel Corona Virus, more women are choosing homebirth.

We midwives at Mother to Mother Midwifery are experiencing an increase in calls from women requesting homebirth.

Pregnant women express feeling afraid to bring a new baby into the world in the same hospital where patients are fighting for their lives against the Corona Virus.

Having a baby in the hospital involves so many close interactions with  so many hospital staff during a time we are asked to socially distance ourselves from one another.

The increased safety of homebirth during the pandemic lies in the ability of parents to control their environment and the number of people who enter it.  A team of Homebirth midwives in your own home poses dramatically less threat of exposure to the Corona Virus than going to the hospital with large numbers of staff and patients.

It is has been well established that homebirth is as safe for low risk mothers and babies as hospital birth.  Now, during these times homebirth has become the safer option.

In addition to safety, hospital capacity has become an issue. On Monday March 9, 2020, Tom Bossert, former homeland security advisor, warned that we are just over one week away from our nations hospitals being overwhelmed.

Safety requirements for homebirth still apply during the global pandemic. Both mother and baby must meet low risk criteria. Furthermore, if a woman is already infected with Corona Virus, it is recommended that she deliver on a Labor and Delivery Unit in the hospital with continuous fetal monitoring.

Low risk pregnant women who are near their due date may plan for a homebirth at the last minute. The first step is to schedule an appointment with your midwife team. We will guide you how to prepare your family and your home for your homebirth.

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