Community Health Group Medi-Cal covers Homebirth

Community Health Group (CHG) covers Homebirth

Homebirth is such an amazing option for low risk mothers and babies.  There are so many benefits.  One simple benefit is that women do not have to drive anywhere when they are in labor.  The midwives do all the driving.  That’s even more of a relief if you’re in labor during rush hour traffic.

Homebirth is also very safe.  All good research shows it’s just as safe to have your baby at home as in the hospital for low risk mothers and babies.  Some argue that it’s safer, since unnecessary cesareans are so much less likely for women who plan homebirth.

Now that Medi-Cal Insurance covers some of the cost of homebirth, many more mothers are choosing to birth at home.

Community Health Group is one of the Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans that cover some of the cost of homebirth.  Talk to our staff at Mother to Mother Midwifery to learn more about how Community Health Group can help you have a homebirth with our practice.

Discover why so many women choose homebirth!