Homebirth…For Dads

A recent article in the Pathways to Wellness Magazine

Recently one of our favorite magazines on Wellness published a few articles on a much neglected perspective:  The father’s

Here is a quote from the article, but you can read it in our office, or request a free copy here

” Any reservations I had about having a homebirth were erased almost from the first contraction.  Having our own vibe-the sounds, smells, sights and feelings of our our own things and our own home-made a huge difference in our level of connection and relaxation.  There were no machines, no beeping noises, no nurses bustling in and out…..There was just relaxation, comfort, connectivity, listening, laughter, tears and love-with all four (soon to be five) of us, working together in perfect harmony to bring a new child into the world”

In other parts of the article he contrasts it to the births of his 1st child where he felt “helpless” and “stunned”

While the perspective of this quote more caters to the spiritual or emotional experience of the father, often times father’s need more of a linear understanding of the benefits of homebirth.  A friend of mine recently said, “well my husband would never want to do that, he is a scientist you know”  To which I replied, “there is a lot of science behind what we do and a scientist would read the research and know that homebirth is a very safe option for low risk women”

Homebirth is not only for the people who seek a more spiritual experience, it is for families who know and are educated about their options.  Midwives across the globe actually improve outcomes for mother’s and babies.  The countries with the best morbidity and mortality outcomes used trained midwives for normal labor and birth.  Science supports quality care and homebirth.  Lucky for us, we can provide both evidenced based care, and a sane, grounding experience for both mothers and fathers.