Why Choose Homebirth?

The safety of home birth is well documented but surprisingly few people know this and subsequently it is not uncommon for women who are interested in home birth to meet with opposition from family and friends. In addition to being a very safe alternative, home birth offers benefits to mothers, fathers and babies!

Advantages of Home Birth

  • You make the decisions regarding your care based on what you believe to be best for yourself and your baby.
  • Midwives inform and educate you about your care options.
  • You are not subject to routine, invasive and painful hospital procedures such as IV and episiotomy.
  • Limits medical management of pregnancy and birth (inductions, “breaking your water or starting pitocin to “speed things up”)
  • Reduces complication rates because of fewer interventions
  • Supportive of VBAC and water birth
  • Only a 2-4% chance of a c-section
  • Your birth plan is supported
  • You are more likely to have a natural birth
  • You are less likely to need drugs or mechanical assistance for delivery
  • More control over your birth
  • Freedom to move, eat, drink and shower as you please
  • Infection is less likely at home. You and your baby are immune to the bacteria in your own home which makes you less susceptible to infection. Hospitals can carry dangerous super-bacteria such as MRSA and “flesh eating bacteria”.
  • Earlier detection of problems because of the constant attendance of a midwife
  • Dads are more comfortable (they have access to their own food, shower and bed), making it easier to support their partner.
  • They can be as involved as they want to be. Many of our dads even get to catch the baby!
  • Statistically, it’s safer
  • Gentle experience for baby
  • No baby/mother separation
  • Uninterrupted bonding and breastfeeding
  • Relaxed and peaceful setting